AMP enables users to find and pay for campus parking quickly and easily.

This project was a 3-day intensive design challenge to apply for Design Interactive at UC Davis. It resulted in acceptance into the program’s exclusive cohort.


User experience design, visual design, branding


Accepted into Design Interactive’s highly competitive cohort,
Showcased improved version of AMP

💡 Our Prompt

The UC Davis AMP Parking app represents a promising step towards a more streamlined and convenient parking experience on campus. In its early stages of development, there are currently several functional challenges associated with finding and paying for parking, particularly in the Davis area.

The Challenge

“How might we redesign the UC Davis AMP Parking app to enable users to easily locate and navigate to available campus parking areas to facilitate quick and simple payments?”


Initial Impressions

To kick off the research process and gauge what direction my redesign would take, I dove into the user experience of the existing AMP mobile app. I then took notes on each of its pages about which aspects were lacking and could be improved on in my redesign. Below are my resulting notes with screenshots from the original AMP app.

User Research


I conducted interviews with 10 Davis students & residents to discover why, where, and when users struggled with locating available parking, along with managing in-app tasks like viewing parking stubs and editing profiles. From the interviews, I created actionable insights that informed our redesign, which introduces a more intuitive dashboard and streamlined navigation to directly alleviate these issues.

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= actionable

Navigating the interface is unclear and unappealing

Map and search bar are not very functional or helpful

Payment process is under-developed and has errors

Lack of user feedback and confirmations

Security and privacy is weak and not trustworthy


Initial Sketches

Before reaching my final design, I sketched out iterations of the onboarding page, sign up form, landing page and parking form. I stayed mindful about keeping the user flow clear, functional, and specific to issues that users had experienced.


Final Iterations

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Account Details

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Finding Locations

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Booking Process

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